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You want to change the world, we want to help! We empower mission-based organizations and creative entrepreneurs to realize their vision through strategic planning tailored to their unique business style. With our expertise and guidance, we help our clients develop custom strategies for administration, leadership, team building, marketing, communications, and fundraising that are essential for growth and long-term sustainability in the arts and cultural industry. 


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We know practical organizational skills and strategies are imperative to survival in business. However to thrive, we must put our passion first. It fuels the creativity in our hearts, drives the mind to innovate, and culture to elevate. Read more about our company ethos that keeps us rooted in our commitment to arts and cultural work.

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Whether you are a complete novice with just a fire in your soul and a twinkle in your eye or a long time veteran familiar with the trenches of arts and cultural work, we offer an array of services in several areas of expertise to meet your current needs.

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Keep up with the latest news from our growing firm and get tips and resources for best industry practices and trends that you can replicate and tailor to take your creative endeavors to the next level.

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for individual artists & creative entrepreneurs

Are you ready to turn your hobby into a business? We can give you the organizational tools and resources to earn a living from your creativity.


for non-profits & other mission-based organizations

You work so hard to serve your communities. We want to serve you. Find out how we can come alongside your organization and help you tell your story and rally more people to your cause.


when Dreams Come True…

By far the most rewarding part of our work is seeing clients bring their vision to life. Explore the gallery below to read testimonials.


The Wondersmith

Boise, ID

Kristin Solomon is a magic-worker. Her gentle guidance has helped me to follow my passion and turn it into a reality. Her approach is unique and thoughtful. When I was feeling lost artistically and burnt out professionally, Kristin showed me how to re-connect with myself and then watch the expansiveness of options open up in front of me. Building a unique business like mine was not easy and it certainly took a lot of time and effort, but every step of the way I felt confident knowing what I was working towards sat on a solid base of planning and intention. I can honestly say I would not be where I am now without Kristin’s guidance, and working with her was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself or my business. 100% worth the investment. 
— The Wondersmith, Artist and Writer

Creative arts community

Corbett, OR

I have worked with Arts and Cultural Management on several projects for our non-profit art organization. I found Kristin to be a wonderful talent. She has the ability to listen to our needs and to come up with multiple options. She is open to changes on the fly, while honing each project to perfection. Two examples of projects that Arts and Cultural Management helped us with are streamlining our web systems, and refining our media presence with current, easy to understand, and exciting verbiage on our website, Facebook page, brochures, and posters. I highly recommend Arts and Cultural Management.
— Pam Lea Calcagno, Board Member

The family Room

Portland, OR

Working with Kristin to design a logo for my fledgling non-profit program was a true delight. As the founder, I had a lot of emotion and expectation wrapped up in our logo. I knew it had to communicate in one glance all of the joy, connection, and energy I hoped would quickly become associated with my program. Kristin listened patiently and enthusiastically and perfectly transformed all of my words into one perfect logo. After five years, it still makes me smile, and we get compliments on it all the time!
— Kimberlee Cooper, Executive Director

Mosaic Creative Community

Vancouver, WA

Working with Kristin has helped me to find my voice in story telling. She has supported every step I have taken to become a writer and an artist with love, encouragement and energy. I am so grateful for her support.
— Melissa Nelson, Writer and Artist

colored pencils art
& culture council

Portland, OR

Kristin moves with great faith with her mission to use her talent for others. A free spirit and great thinker, destiny brought her to Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council when we needed fresh perspective and life force that can move us forward. It’s not only her knowledge on organizational strategic plan, cross-cultural facilitating skill and her great discipline that she brought but her love of man kind. Her commitment to leave this world a better place made her become one of us. She reminded us to ground firm our root, yet expand our work to make sure that everyone is included.
— Nim Xuto, Executive Director


Brooklyn, NY

Kristin was an enthusiastic, hard working and dedicated development person. Her main area of focus was special events, specifically a large gala dinner which included a live and two silent auction. She handled all of the various components of the event with attention to detail and deadlines, determination, a sense of humor, and poise. She not only had good ideas, but more importantly, the skills to successfully implement them.
— Becki M. Kapelusznik, Associate Director

Glass art society

Seattle, WA

Kristin Solomon is a visionary for visionaries. Her extensive background in art, non profit management, business development and PR provide her a solid wealth of knowledge from which we all benefit. Kristin works with her clients to cultivate individual success through establishing clear goals and systematic steps for desired outcomes. Using best practices and multifaceted approaches to achieving client goals, Kristin will immediately become your best advocate. Beyond all of her gifts, is her ability to not only see the best of her clients, but also to leverage her client strengths for their own success.
— Tracy Kirchmann, Vice President

Uroboros glass

Portland, OR

Kristin Solomon was a breath of fresh air for the social media marketing activities in our art glass manufacturing company. She capably fulfilled a diverse role that included creation and management of social media communications, graphic design for traditional advertising and exhibits, and written public relations communications. She is a quick study, and her creativity, positive attitude, seemingly boundless energy and technical competence made her a joy to work with.

— Eric Lovell, President