Cultivating a thriving sustainable business
practice takes strategic planning

Our expertise is focused in the areas outlined on the page below. See our services for more details on the variety of ways we can work with you to transform your mission into your vision.


management & organization


  • Mindset
    Being a leader is so much more than being in charge and calling the shots. We teach the skills to help set your mind to the tasks at hand. Cultivate your own personal leadership style and set the tone for your company’s culture. How will you live out the values that inspired you to launch your business in the first place and stay in alignment with them when life may try to veer you off your path?

  • Strategy
    Knowing who you are, what you do, who you serve and what they need from you are the foundational questions that determine your mission and vision. Setting achievable prioritized goals is what will take you from dreaming about changing the world to actually doing it.

  • Evaluation
    What does success look like for you? This concept has always been so subjective. How will you define that for your business, set clear expectations, and measure the results?

Team building

  • Company Culture
    Ethos is the spirit of culture. We can teach you how to create a professional, safe, and fun environment for your team, where they are recognized for their unique character and skills that they bring to the table, as well as how to leverage the immense power that comes from the collaborated efforts of a highly cooperative teamwork.

  • Recruitment & Training
    No man is an island. At some point, it will be time to call in the reinforcements. You can’t spin all those plates by yourself forever. Need help delegating? Whether is employees, board members, or volunteers, how will you find people that are a right fit for your business or organization? What resources and skills will they need to carry out their part of the mission? We can help you recruit and train a competent and cohesive team.


  • Finance
    Are you a free spirited creative mind that really struggles when it comes to finances? We often hear creative people lament their lack of knowledge of this aspect of business. We can teach you the basics of accounting: bookkeeping, budgeting, developing cashflow, merchant services, and creating and tracking invoices and receipts.

  • Legal
    Legal matters can feel daunting. There are definitely times when you don’t want to substitute the professional advice of a knowledgeable lawyer. However we can assist you with simpler actions steps of preparing contracts, finding an appraiser, drafting by-laws, filing for incorporation, applying for your 501C3 status, or registering for copyright.

  • Governance
    Need to fine tune your operations? Setting clear policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, tasks, and timelines will go a long way when it comes to implementing your strategic plan. Let us help you define these critical details that will be the stepping stones to your success.




  • Visual Brand
    We can create all the elements that will establish a strong recognizable presence for your business that will connect with your target audience. This includes: logo, color palette, font, tagline, and language style.

  • Programs, Products & Services
    Not quite sure about the value of your work? We can help you determine appropriate price points, packaging, and promotions for your programs, products, and services. Knowing what you are worth is the cornerstone of every business.

  • Position and Placement
    In a world full of options, we can help you evaluate and choose which web server, social media channels, advertising funnel, etc. will work best for your brand. Putting yourself out there can be a little scary, let us show you how to position yourself for success by finding your place in sun.


  • Market Research

    Want to understand the needs and desires of your target audience, discover industry trends, and learn how to stand out from the competitors in your field? Through focus groups, surveys, and qualitative and quantitative research, we gather the data that will inform you how to create promotions that will attract your dream clients and customers.

  • Website Design

    Let us turn your website into a digital brochure for your programs, products, and/or services that reflect your brand and the heart of your business.

  • Digital Advertising

    Today we are seeing a return on investment in marketing like never before. With customized trackable audiences at the click of a button, we can help you navigate the intricacies of online advertising from social media ads to google analytics to search engine optimization. We are well versed in today’s greatest digital marketing tools.


  • Graphic Design

    From digital to print, we got you covered for all your graphic design needs. Logos, brochures, invitations, flyers, t-shirts, product labels, letterhead, etc. Keep that brand consistent throughout all your communications collateral!

  • Photography
    Do you need product shots for your website or instagram feed? A new headshot or employee portraits? What about candids to capture your programming in action or memorialize your next event? A picture is worth a thousand words. Lighting and style matter. Let us help you fill your feed will “love” worthy imagery.

  • Videography

    These days media is streaming everywhere. Captivate your audience by telling your story through video. Compelling sound and imagery convey a strong intro for your website, spread awareness about your mission, inspire fundraising for your cause, or showcase the process of creating your artwork like no other medium can.

  • Copywriting

    Do have trouble finding the right words to communicate your message? Wordsmithing is one of our gifts! We can help you craft persuasive and professional copywriting for your website, brochures, e-newsletters, social media posts, blogs, digital ads, funnel email drips, etc.



Campaigns & Appeals

Crafting a strong message is the heart of any campaign or appeal. We specialize in creating dynamic presentations, letters, and digital ads that tell your story and inspire giving to appeals from crowdfunders to major donors. Making your next ask will be a breeze and it will yield the financial results to accomplish your next funding goal.

Events & Sponsorship

Events are a great way to create partnerships with community sponsors and introduce new people to your business. They also come with lots of moving parts and expenses, which make them one of the most challenging approaches to fundraising. Let us help you handle the all details to make your next event a smooth success!

Grant research, Writing, & Reports

There are so many generous foundations out there looking for the next great cause to get behind. Let us help them discover the impact your programs and services are making on your community. We can research private and or public grant opportunities that are a good fit for your organization and help you craft a knock out application that will blow them away, as well as creating stellar reports to illustrate your superb stewardship.