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Every entrepreneur and organization is unique. When choosing a consultant, it’s important to find the right fit for your specialized needs. Read more about our work philosophy to see if we might be a good fit for you.


Ethos is the spirit of culture. This is what inspires us and keeps us committed to our work.

what we value most:

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Creativity

  • Strategy

  • Sustainability

  • Community

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Accessibility

  • Connection

  • Hope

  • Transparency

  • Quality

  • Balance

  • Wellness

  • Ethics

  • Growth

  • Empowerment

  • Positivity

  • Humor

  • Self-reflection

  • Vulnerability

  • Patience

  • Perseverance

  • Transformation

  • Trust

  • Expression

  • Collaboration

  • Equity

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Courage

  • Curiosity


mission statement

We provide education and expertise that empowers mission-based organizations and creative entrepreneurs to develop customized strategies for sustainable business practices.

Why Arts & Culture?

Our work focuses on creative businesses and non-profits because we believe they are the rare entities that actually have the power to impact culture. History has proven this over and over again. Humanity is connected through story, song, and images. We know that creative and compassionate people tend to be more right-brained and their greatest strength - thinking outside the box - leaves them struggling with the traditional systems that our world has designed to achieve success. We can help you translate all the intimidating jargon and navigate those channels. We are artist and non-profit whisperers. We love taking all those wonderful chaotic ideas and organizing them into a clear well curated force that becomes the agent for change that is so desperately needed in our world today. Let’s usher it in!

Why work with us?

  • If you want a partner in creativity and success. Our method is unconventional. We have a hands-on relational approach with our clients. We will be your challenger as well as your champion. We will be there for the highs and lows and help you navigate them all with poise and humor.

  • If you are ready to get serious about things you have only ever dreamed about. The first step is on you, you must have the courage to be your most authentic self and put yourself out there and have faith in your mission.

  • You are willing to put in the thought, time, and money it takes to make it happen. Our process is not the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way, but it is the most sustainable and rewarding.

vision statement

We strive to be a quintessential strategic resource for those in the pursuit of building a thriving arts and cultural community.

Our methodology

We have a holistic approach, that all begins with self-reflection. We whole-heartedly believe the key to it all is knowing who you are first and foremost. What makes you - you and stand out from the rest? We help you clearly define that through dynamic words and visual representation. We call this establishing your brand. It’s never a one-size fits all model.

Once you have done the deep dive into truly knowing yourself or your organization and the products and/or services you offer, it becomes a much more natural process of finding your target audience - industry term for “your people”. We help you get inside the heads of your audience and identify their needs and desires so you can position your business to resonate with them in an authentic way. We never want you to feel like a sleazy salesman. If you believe in your business and what you have to give to the world is truly needed, it shouldn’t ever feel that way. Our job is to empower you, so it flows genuinely from your own innate passion and desire to make that connection.

Ultimately, we offer education and expertise to help you develop the custom road map of practical organizational strategies to build your personalized sustainable business practice that will cultivate long-term growth. With some patience and perseverance, we will work together to transform your passion into a profession or your mission into your vision. Are you ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work? Click the link below to schedule a your first free consultation with us. We look forward to talking with you about how we can help bring your dream to life.