We offer an array of services for clients that run the gamut from individual artists that are ready to make the transformation into creative entrepreneurship to savvy seasoned owners of creative businesses wanting to level up their game.

Below is an outline of the ares of expertise that we focus on:

All pricing is customized, depending on services rendered.
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strategic planning


Setting intentions and mindset

Personnel & Partnership

No man is an island. At some point you’ll have to admit that you can’t do it all, or you don’t have time… or face it do you really want to? We can help you determine what parts of the labor to outsource and help you find those people and set them up for success.

implementation & Evaluation

Plans are great, but if you don’t have a way to implement them, they won’t do you much good.
We can help you break down your goals and objectives into tangible steps with tasks and timelines to hit your milestones. We teach you how to measure success and make planned improvements, so you can readjust your sails in the event of unpredictable circumstances.




Visual brand, logo, copy, tagline, font, products, services, price points, style, language


who are your people, what do they want from you, where do you find them, tactics to reach them, SEO, google analytics, fb ads,

content creation

Making the connection, resonating, Ads, funnels, newsletter all communication strategies to connect with audience, language, photos, copywriting, video, web design, graphic design/ print media,website, social media, platform, pitching & closing



budgeting & accoutning

Sales are coming in and it’s very exciting! You are a legit business. Hooray. Don’t forget the responsibilities that come along with it. Learn basic bookkeeping and cash flow strategies to balance the revenue vs. expenses.

copyright protection

You’ve worked hard to create your work and build a brand and audience to sell it. Unfortunately, there are vultures out there waiting in the wings to steal your good ideas. Learn how to keep them legally protected.

Grants & Residencies

They are so many resources out there to support artist. Space, time, and money are always in demand. Learn how to find, apply, and land these great opportunities.