Website Launch

Website Launch

Launch day has finally arrived! The anticipation of rolling out this website for my new business Arts and Cultural Management, has been a long labor of love and is still very much a work in progress. But I am extremely proud to present a platform that provides a space for me to share all the skills, knowledge, and experience I have accrued over my 20 year journey thus far in the arts and cultural industry. After wearing many hats and spinning several plates for business and mission-based organizations in the field, I am excited to take this leap of faith and develop my own practice that I hope will spark inspiration and rekindle joy for my fellow mission-minded colleagues and passionate creative people wanting an approachable way to get started.

I chose my birthday to mark the occasion, as it feels like a rebirth and of course the marketer in me is taking advantage of all the extra attention I will receive today. The greatest present you could give me is to show your support by taking the time to comment and like this post, check out my new website, follow my social media channels, sign up for the newsletter, and especially share with your contacts that you think could benefit from my services.

Thank you all from the bottom of my very full heart!


Founder & Lead Principal
Arts and Cultural Management